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September 29, 2013, 7:59 PM
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Top 10 Laws of Golf

Top 10 Laws of Golf!…

Law 10 — A severe slice is a thing of awesome power and beauty.

Law 9 — Golf balls from the same “sleeve” tend to follow one another, particularly out of bounds or into the water

Law 8 — The last three holes of a round will automatically adjust your score to what it really should be.

Law 7 — Every par-three hole in the world has a secret desire to humiliate golfers. The shorter the hole — the greater its desire.

Law 6 – All vows taken on a golf course shall be valid only until the sunset of the same day

Law 5 — Golf balls never bounce off of trees back into play. If one does, the tree is breaking a law of the universe and should be cut down.

Law 4 – The person you would most hate to lose to will always be the one who beats you.

Law 3 – No matter how bad your last shot was, the worst is yet to come. This law does not expire on the 18th hole, since it has the supernatural tendency to extend over the course of your lifetime.

Law 2 — Trees eat golf balls.

Law 1– Your BEST round of golf will be followed almost immediately by your worst round ever. The probability of the latter increases with the number of people you tell about the former.

These are ALLL sooooo true! Hope you enjoyed my list…feel free to post a few of your own!


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Windy Weather!
December 2, 2011, 1:12 PM
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Yesterday, the temperature was warm and the sun was shining—though the wind was blowing a bit. Because golf is played in the elements, there are guidelines that address some aspects of play in the wind. Crazy things can happen in windy weather on the course, and there has to be some way to address it. And, in October of this year, at the end of a 4 year review, the USGA, working with the R&A, updated and changed several important rules– including a rule that addresses the impact of wind.

Here is the updated rule:

Ball Moving After Address (Rule 18-2b). A new exception is added which exonerates the player from penalty if their ball moves after it has been addressed when it is known or virtually certain that they did not cause the ball to move. For example, if it is a gust of wind that moves the ball after it has been addressed, there is no penalty and the ball is played from its new position.

Unfortunately for Nick Watney, these rule changes don’t take effect until January 1, 2012! Yesterday, he was caught in a situation where the old rule was applied and he was penalized a stroke. He addressed the ball, backed up, and watched it move—and was penalized one stroke. Under the new rule, the penalty stroke is NOT assessed if the wind moved the ball after the address. Taking it in stride, Watney remarked, “I might be the last player in history to be penalized under that rule. That could be a trivia question one day.”

Have a wonderful holiday season! I will catch you on the other side of the holidays.

Rick Jones

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Beat the Heat with These 6 Tips!

As the weather heats up, it is important to be more mindful and prepared to play golf. We encourage you to read this list and make any changes that might help you enjoy your time on the golf course even more—as if that’s possible! We ALL wait all winter to be able to get out and hit balls and play a round of golf. Don’t let the heat discourage you from playing golf this summer!! Remember, a hot day on the golf course is still better than a nice day anywhere else! Here are some suggestions we have for ways to beat the heat or be prepared to handle the heat.

Hydrate. Hydration takes place for several days prior to your round of golf. If you golf often, it is important that you make hydration part of your every day routine. While some studies have shown that all drinks hydrate, obviously some are better than others. Water is the best way to get hydrated. Other healthy ways to hydrate yourself are by drinking milk, vegetable and fruit juice. Sports drinks are a good alternative to water if you plan on playing/walking 18 holes.

Wear appropriate clothing. When you are planning what to wear to play golf, make sure to wear light weight, breathable clothing. You will also want to wear light colored clothing, which will not absorb as much heat as darker colored clothes. Oddly enough, it is better to wear an undershirt, which will help wick away sweat and keep you cooler. When possible, wear a visor and not hat. Hats trap heat in and can cause you to be hotter. Stay in the shade and use sunscreen on your scalp when wearing a visor!

Plan your day accordingly. Plan to spend the time outside during the morning and/or evening. Avoid spending time on the course during the middle of the day. You will have a lot more fun, when you are not struggling with the sun and heat. If you can only fit your time on the links in during the middle of the day, be sure to wear a hat that offers coverage, as well as sunscreen!

Stand in the shade.  At Cape May Par 3, there are plenty spots with lots of shade. If you get too hot, have a seat on a bench in the shade. It will make you feel better, and able to finish your round of golf. Make it a great time to think about your mental golf game, or spend time with your golf mates shooting the breeze.

Eat sensibly. Eat smaller meals and not as much protein. Protein increases metabolic rate, which makes staying cool more difficult. So, eat lighter meals, and include fruit and vegetables (which also help to hydrate you) and whole grain foods. You might also find that reducing the amount of dairy you consume, directly before you play golf or hit balls, might help you feel better.

It is important to recognize when you are overheated. Some of the signs of being overheated are: sweating profusely, increased heart rate, dizziness, headache, and vomiting.  If you experience any or many of these signs, it is important that you rest in a cool, shaded area, drink cool liquids, such as water or sports drinks, apply cool compresses, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean it isn’t golf weather! Make these small changes and you will be ready to play, even in the heat. Be sure to pay attention to your body. If you need help, please ask. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s to another great summer at Cape May Par 3 & Dover Par 3!!

See you out on the course,

Rick Jones

Midway Par 3 Announces Updates & New Site!
February 14, 2011, 4:33 PM
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Rehoboth Beach, DE. February 15, 2011 — Midway Par 3 & Driving Range
announces the launch of its new website !
This month, Midway Par 3 & Driving Range has launched the new website, The crew at Midway Par 3 is excited to better serve
their customers by making this site available.  Now more than ever,
customers are able to stay in touch with the specials and activities at
Midway Par 3.  In addition to the new website, other changes have been
made to better serve the customers. For your convenience, Major Credit
Cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) are now being accepted at Midway
Par 3 & Driving Range.
Owned and operated by a long time local family, Midway Par 3 Golf
Course has served year round residents and vacationers, alike, for 30
years. Located just north of Midway, Delaware, this 18-Hole Par 3
course and driving range offers you “Fun for the Entire Family!” Midway
Par 3 is a year round Par 3 course with regulation size greens. Minutes
away from all the major resort stops including: Downtown Rehoboth
Beach, Lewes, Dewey Beach, the Rehoboth Outlets, this is the perfect
place for golfers of all levels. Everyone loves golf at Midway Par 3!
The Jones’ family is excited about the future of Midway Par 3 & Driving
Range. We believe we offer our customers a great, budget friendly golf
experience. Our recent updates and changes will carry Midway Par 3 well
into the future, for the next generation of golfers.  If you have any
questions concerning Midway Par 3 & Driving Range, please email Barbara
at and she will get back to you. Or, stop by today.
Midway Par 3 is located at 34578 Pinnacle Rd. Lewes, Delaware 19958.

Please stop by if you can. I appreciate you taking the time.

Enjoy the day~ the sun is shining and the air is fresh!

Rick Jones

Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range

Dover Par 3 & Driving Range

Golf at Pebble Beach

Hi my Golf Friends~

The sun is shining and life is good out on the golf course!

As you may realize, the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am is going on now. Pebble Beach is one of the most beautiful places to play golf! The views are spectacular and, the long tradition of golf there is impressive. The course was opened in 1919. Over the years, there have been so many remarkable moments in golf history that have taken place at Pebble Beach. On of the more infamous moments in time was in 1964 when Arnold Palmer’s scored a 9 on the 17th hole at Pebble Beach in the Crosby Tournament.  

More recently, in 2000, which was the 100th US Open,  in front of the largest U.S. Open television audience in two decades, Tiger Woods turned a dominant victory into a historic feat. He combined a bogey-free round with birdies on holes 10, 12, 13 and 14. His 67 gives him a four-day total of 272, tying the record for the lowest 72-hole score ever in the national championship, and besting his nearest competitor by 15 strokes.

I am constantly reminded that technology is awesome! Pebble Beach Golf Links has developed a neat virtual tour. So cool– Very few of us will ever play or visit Pebble Beach, but it is neat to be able to catch a climpse online. The link below will take you to their site. Check out the virtual tour!


Rick Jones

Dover Par 3 Rolls Out the New Website!

Dover Par 3 & Driving Range is Now New and Improved

Dover Par 3 & Driving Range Announces the Launch of ther New Website and Recent Rennovations. Improvements are being made, including the addition of Baseball and Softball Batting Cages.


PRLog (Press Release)Feb 10, 2011 – Today is a great day for the friends and family of Dover Par 3 & Driving Range. We are so pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our new website: This new site has been especially created for people interested in family fun in the Dover, DE area. We have lots going on and hope you can stop by to see all the work we have done this winter! Visit our website today and register for a FREE round of golf & medium bucket of balls on our range, along with 5 FREE tokens for the newly renovated batting cages. We have many packages and offers for you, our customer, and hope you can join us soon!

Over the winter, we have made several huge improvements to our course, updating the look and feel of the course and grounds. And, I am so excited to share we have reopened our batting cages, with baseball and softball pitching machines. The possibilities are limitless, with the course, the batting cages, and driving range! You can come for a short visit to hit a bucket of balls or bat around a bit, or stay all day—we are here to serve you year round.

Dover & Driving Range is a Par 3, 18-Hole course with full size greens, a practice green for putting and chipping, and a full length driving range. The course is well maintained and conveniently located in Dover Delaware. Dover Par 3 is an excellent golf course for everyone, including new and experienced golfers.

In addition to the Par 3 Course and Driving Range, Dover Par 3 & Driving Range now offers newly renovated batting cages for baseball and softball. The cages are a perfect chance to get out and do something fun with friends and family. Also, it’s great for players to get some swings in before, during, and after the season. There is no off season anymore!

Along with our team at Dover Par 3 & Driving Range, I am excited for the future of Par 3 Golf in Dover, Delaware. For more details on what is going on at the course, see For information on how your organization, team, or family can take full advantage of all the Dover Par 3 & Driving Range has to offer, I can be reached by calling 302/745-1206 or emailing me at

Thank you.
Rick Jones
Cape May Par 3 & Dover Par 3

Happy New Year!
January 5, 2011, 6:18 PM
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Well, as you realize, we are in a new year. It is the time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the upcoming  year– It was a long year for my family– filled with successes, failures, happiness and tears. Like you, I have several things I’d like to do this year…play more golf is near the top of the list!  And, of course, Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range is one of my favorite places to be!

This morning, I opened my email, like every other day, as I drank my morning coffee and thought about the weekend ahead (well, that and the jury duty I have today, UGH!) and lo and behold, the latest newsletter from Michael Anthony (The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf”) was in my inbox. I took a few minutes to read it and thought you’d like to see his reflections on the New Year– and golf.



New Year’s Day is special because it marks the beginning of a new year. Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions go by the wayside in only a couple of days or weeks. Are you keeping your New Year’s resolutions, or didn’t you even bother to make any since you haven’t kept the ones you made in the past?

Whether you have or haven’t, here is a powerful way to improve your life as well as your golf. Develop the mindset that every day is a new beginning for the rest of your life. Also, realize that each day you are alive is a gift you can either use or abuse. Every night before you go to sleep ask yourself if you used your gift wisely or did you just throw it away.

What happens to most of us is that we expect to wake up tomorrow and get another gift. As a result, we don’t truly appreciate the limited time that we have here. Our lives are a gift, and every day is precious since our days are numbered.

However, many of us waste the days given to us, and don’t come close to reaching our real potential. Instead of making the effort to improve, we make excuses and put off today what we can do tomorrow. Worse yet, we put off this year what we can do next year. Hence, the vicious cycle of broken New Year’s resolutions and wasted opportunities to improve never ends.

Of course, there are a lot of things we are doing right. But, there are some things that each one of us could do better. So if you truly desire to improve, start living your life one day at a time. Every day do the best you can for that day. If you slip or have a bad day, wipe the slate clean before you go to sleep and make a firm intention to make better use of the gift you get tomorrow.

This mindset can be applied to your golf as well. Start playing golf one shot at a time and use the 4-step routine to learn from the feedback. Allow every golf shot to stand on its own. If you make a good shot, congratulate yourself. If not, make the necessary mechanical or mental adjustments, start fresh and don’t carry any emotional baggage with you to the next shot.

Every day, like every golf shot, offers you the chance for a new beginning as long as you get up on the right side of the grass:)


I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy 2011!

Rick Jones

Cape May Par 3

Open year round– call for hours! 609/889-2600

Mental Golf Tip
September 15, 2010, 12:57 PM
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Hi all–

We are fortunate to live in the technology era! We have access to so much information. As an example, I just received this mental golf tip from a newsletter I receive via email. I thought you might be interested in reading it. It is useful for new and experienced golfers to consider the mental game of golf.

We are open year round at Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range. Stop in today!

Michael Anthony’s Mental Golf Tip Newsletter

“Success or Disappointment”

If you want to have more success in golf, it is important to inoculate your mind to be free of disappointment. Webster defines disappoint as “to fail to meet the expectation or hope of.”

Since it is impossible to hit a good shot everytime and golf courses are designed to challenge even the best golfers, how does a golfer keep from becoming disappointed without lowering his or her expectations?

It is done by changing your mindset and type of goals. The vast majority of golfers judge themselves by the scores they shoot. How often do you play a round of golf and feel totally satisfied that you shot the lowest score possible that day for your level of play?

More than likely, you probably felt you could have shot a lower score if only your putt didn’t lip out or hit a spike mark, the wind didn’t cause your ball to land in the bunker or the water, your perfect shot down the middle of the fairway didn’t land in a divot, et cetera. So you went home disappointed because your score didn’t reflect what could have been.

What is even worse is that you were disappointed with some of your shots and putts during that round. We all know that we play at our best when we feel good about ourselves. The only way to get out of the trap of trying to play well when you are disappointed is to change your outcome goal of scoring and become totally process oriented.

An excellent definition of success is the progressive realization of a worth while goal. If your goal is to learn and improve from the feedback you receive each time you hit, chip or putt the ball, you can eliminate the concept of disappointment from your mindset.

Let’s narrow our discussion and focus solely on your attitude after each shot you take during a round of golf. I’ll make a friendly wager that after a good shot, you tend to feel good and after a bad shot, you tend to feel bad. I’ll make another friendly wager that when you make a good shot and feel good, your chances of making another good shot are higher than when you feel bad about yourself or your last shot. Do I have any takers on these bets?

Now, let me ask you question. Is it easier to control the outcome everytime you step up to the ball, or to control your attitude before and after each golf shot you take? The obvious answer is that it should be easier to control your attitude since it is impossible for even the best golfers to make all of their shots.

Since a good attitude increases the probability of making good shots, the logical conclusion is that it is much more productive to focus on the process of always maintaining a good attitude than to focus on the outcome of your shots, which you cannot control.

If you take two golfers of equal talent, I’ll make you another friendly wager that the one who has and maintains the better attitude will win many more times than he will lose to the other golfer who allows himself to be disappointed by his outcomes.

Now, I’ll make one last wager with you. No matter what your talent level is, if you train your mind to focus on improving your attitude no matter what happens when you hit the ball, your scores will fall and you will not be disappointed.


Rick Jones

Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range

Grippping the Club

How you hold the golf club will affect the flight of your ball. If your grip is too weak, the clubface angle at impact will be off line, which will cause the ball to curve. The bottom edge of the clubface needs to be straight to the target line in order for the ball to fly straight toward the target. A good golf grip would be considered neutral, that is, neither weak nor strong. A neutral grip will allow your hands to react properly to an aggressive swing.

A Few Important Tips for Gripping the Club

  • For a right-handed golfer, the left hand is the top hand, and the right hand is the bottom hand. For a left-handed golfer, the right hand is the top hand, and the left hand is the bottom hand.
  • When you grip the club, the shaft should be at an angle where the club head is at your forehead, toward the sky, and the grip is at your waist. The club should be completely vertical.  
  • Hold the club as if you were holding an egg — not too tight. Your hands will naturally squeeze tighter when they need to during the swing.
  • If your grips are worn out and slick you will be inclined to squeeze the club too tight, creating a lot of tension in your arms and shoulders, which will cause a short, quick swing. Your grips also need to be the correct size. If the grip is too large, your hands are slow to react to the swing, and if the grip is too small, your hands will overreact.


James Quinn out on the Driving Range offering a clinic.

James Quinn, golf Pro, can help you learn all about golf. From basics to the more finer points of the game. Check out for information on lessons and clinics. Plus, at Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range, we “do grips”. So, if you need your clubs regripped, stop in our pro shop with your clubs today!


Rick Jones

Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range