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Beat the Heat with These 6 Tips!

As the weather heats up, it is important to be more mindful and prepared to play golf. We encourage you to read this list and make any changes that might help you enjoy your time on the golf course even more—as if that’s possible! We ALL wait all winter to be able to get out and hit balls and play a round of golf. Don’t let the heat discourage you from playing golf this summer!! Remember, a hot day on the golf course is still better than a nice day anywhere else! Here are some suggestions we have for ways to beat the heat or be prepared to handle the heat.

Hydrate. Hydration takes place for several days prior to your round of golf. If you golf often, it is important that you make hydration part of your every day routine. While some studies have shown that all drinks hydrate, obviously some are better than others. Water is the best way to get hydrated. Other healthy ways to hydrate yourself are by drinking milk, vegetable and fruit juice. Sports drinks are a good alternative to water if you plan on playing/walking 18 holes.

Wear appropriate clothing. When you are planning what to wear to play golf, make sure to wear light weight, breathable clothing. You will also want to wear light colored clothing, which will not absorb as much heat as darker colored clothes. Oddly enough, it is better to wear an undershirt, which will help wick away sweat and keep you cooler. When possible, wear a visor and not hat. Hats trap heat in and can cause you to be hotter. Stay in the shade and use sunscreen on your scalp when wearing a visor!

Plan your day accordingly. Plan to spend the time outside during the morning and/or evening. Avoid spending time on the course during the middle of the day. You will have a lot more fun, when you are not struggling with the sun and heat. If you can only fit your time on the links in during the middle of the day, be sure to wear a hat that offers coverage, as well as sunscreen!

Stand in the shade.  At Cape May Par 3, there are plenty spots with lots of shade. If you get too hot, have a seat on a bench in the shade. It will make you feel better, and able to finish your round of golf. Make it a great time to think about your mental golf game, or spend time with your golf mates shooting the breeze.

Eat sensibly. Eat smaller meals and not as much protein. Protein increases metabolic rate, which makes staying cool more difficult. So, eat lighter meals, and include fruit and vegetables (which also help to hydrate you) and whole grain foods. You might also find that reducing the amount of dairy you consume, directly before you play golf or hit balls, might help you feel better.

It is important to recognize when you are overheated. Some of the signs of being overheated are: sweating profusely, increased heart rate, dizziness, headache, and vomiting.  If you experience any or many of these signs, it is important that you rest in a cool, shaded area, drink cool liquids, such as water or sports drinks, apply cool compresses, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean it isn’t golf weather! Make these small changes and you will be ready to play, even in the heat. Be sure to pay attention to your body. If you need help, please ask. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s to another great summer at Cape May Par 3 & Dover Par 3!!

See you out on the course,

Rick Jones


Ask The Golf Pro at Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range

FACEBOOK for Cape May Par 3 near Wildwood NJ New JerseyPlease post any questions you might have about all aspects of the game at and I will have James get back to you!

Rick Jones
Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range

This was a question we received: I’m a 16 year old wishing to pursue a golfing career. What do I do?
James Quinn, the teaching Pro at Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range has this to say:

It depends what kind of career you’re looking to pursue. If you’re looking to be a Touring Professional, then at the age of 16 you need to be around a scratch or 2-3 Handicap. Ask your golf coach about playing in some junior tournaments and see how you rank among the best. Practice 3-4 times a week with at least 1-2 practice rounds per week. You need to spend a lot of time at the short game area. Anyone can hit the ball far. But –can you score? is the most important question. Good luck to you in your career.

If you’re looking to become a Teaching Professional, the best way is to watch your local Golf Pro teach or your golf coach and see how he connects with his students. If you play on the High School team, when you become a junior or senior, start helping your other teammates. See if you like teaching and if you do you should follow the next steps. While in high school, look into colleges that offer the PGM program. From there you’re well on your way to becoming a PGA Pro. If you do not go to college, you can complete the PGA program at home. This is a good option, but I would recommend the college route. Good luck in your career!

Cape May Par 3 Driving Range Golf Camps Ladies Clinics and Private Golf Lessons

James Quinn is the full time Golf Teaching Professional at Cape May Par 3

James graduated from The Golf Academy of America and is certified in golf course management, instruction, and club repair. He also has his player credential. James has a range of teaching experiences. He served as an Assistant Golf Professional at Meadow Oaks Golf & Country Club in Tampa, Florida; and taught at Ballyneal in Colorado. More recently, James taught at Twisted Dunes Golf Club in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Now, James serves as the Pro at Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range.

Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range
29 Fulling Mill Road
Rio Grande, NJ 08242

5 Tips for Buying Golf Shoes

Spring is right around the corner…and when you think of Spring, you think of GOLF SHOES, right?! Of course right! Well, according to, there are over 500 styles and brands of golf shoes. That’s 500!!! That’s a lot of golf shoes! I put together some tips for helping you figure out what shoe is the right shoe for you.

1. Brands—I tend to rely on the same few brands. If you have a brand you really like, head down to your local sporting goods store, get measured, and ask to see the golf shoes in your brand of choice. You might also ask to see comparable shoes in a couple different brands. It is important to get a good fit, so when you take that trip to the store, wear appropriate socks! The socks you wear to play are the best socks to wear. Otherwise, you might not get the right fit.
2. Cleats—many courses do not allow metal spikes. So, if you only play one or two courses, you might want to call the course and ask the pro, or shop manager and ask about that. If at all possible, get a pair with replaceable spikes. It will extend the life of your shoes.
3. Leather shoes—you will want to get a pair of golf spikes that are leather uppers. Make sure there is enough room for your toes to wiggle, and support for your arches. Pliable leather will break in with more ease and more quickly than other materials.
4. If it is a rainy area, look at weather proofing spray or weather proof shoes. When you play in the rain, directly after you take your shoes off, and put balled up newspaper in the shoes. This is the best way of helping shoes dry out in short order!!
5. For the fashionistas—make sure you purchase a pair in a neutral color that matches your golf wardrobe. For the more adventurous sort, go for the gusto and make a statement with your golf shoes…

All I can say, is at Cape May Par 3, and Dover Par 3, we are looking forward to a great spring golf season! Bring it on!

Rick Jones

What is the best thing you have done?

Cape May Par 3 Golf Outing

Cape May Par 3 Golf Outing

Over my life, I have done so many great things. I have been many places and accomplished a lot. I am a parent of 2 boys, who mean the world to me. The thing I have been so proud of is originating the Make A Wish Weekend in Cape May County. This event has been a great experience, one that I will always be so proud of—over the past 7 years, we have donated about $375,000 to the Make A Wish Foundation of NJ. It doesn’t get much better that that! This 2 day event includes the Cape May Par 3 Golf Outing.

I believe a Par 3 outing is the way to go! It is time to start planning your first par 3 golf outing! There are some things you will need to think about to get started. Remember, par 3 golf outings are successful because everyone can participate to help the cause and the possibility for growth is huge.

Partnerships—You will be much more successful if you partner with the right individuals and organizations. Some things to keep in mind…you will need a several key things. This can be costly, and obviously free is better. So, best case is to find a company willing to give it for free or extremely reduced cost, or find a sponsor. Things you might need are:

Publicity, including radio and print ads

Greens Fees

Tent, tables and chairs

Food & Drinks

Shirts, Logo Balls, and Bags


Prizes for Pin prizes, raffles, and give aways

Various office supplies, such as envelopes and postage

At the Cape May Par 3 Make-A-Wish Golf Outing ( ), we have been fortunate to receive a great in-kind support from community businesses. All the publicity, greens fees, tent, tables and chairs, shirts, and prizes have been donated. Food and bags have been given at cost. Cape May County is a tight knit community and it is a children’s charity. All the proceeds have remained in the county, which has been the most important reason people have given. That, and we involved a huge number of businesses and individuals. No donation is too small! The first year, we had 200 golfers, since we play 5 person teams, and accept 20 teams and 2 shot gun starts. Sold out golf outings are not common. But, with a par 3 outing, it is possible! Our first year, we raised over $24,000 (for a net of $19,400). Pretty neat! Wouldn’t you like to give your charity that donation?!

So, get out there today and get busy…set goals, and work toward them! If you need help, please email Cindy at She is my go to person, and she will be glad to help you with more details.

Good luck!
Rick Jones

Best Mini Golf Shot EVER!!

There is snow on the ground today– sooo tired of it! Looking forward to some great spring weather so we can all get in a round and some range time! Feeling sort of BLAH with the weather, and found this mini golf video on YouTube. It is so silly, I couldn’t help but laugh– lower your volume!! It gets a little loud. Perked me up– here’s to hoping it does the same for you! Feel free to share this on your Facebook page!

Take care,
Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range
Dover Par 3 & Driving Range

Host a Par 3 Golf Outing!

Well, spring is very nearly upon us! Yippee!! So many exciting things around the corner! With spring on its way, I am looking forward to the new days and the renewed chance to do something remarkable.

Over the past 7 years, each spring, I spend a lot of time preparing for my favorite annual event, Make A Wish Weekend in Cape May County. It is a 2 day event with a bartender’s night @ Menz Restaurant in Rio Grande, NJ followed by our par 3 golf outing at my course, Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range. We raise money for children who are living with a life threatening medical condition– so they can receive a WISH! If you are ever thinking about hosting a golf outing for your favorite cause or charity, I would highly recommend hosting a Par 3 Golf Outing at your local Par 3!

Most people who attend golf outings do not realize that traditional outings do not make a huge amount of money for the cause it is benefitting. This is because so often, the expenses are prohibitive. That is, the cost of the food, drinks, rounds, goodies, shirts, etc. are so much, the donation often ends up to be small. And, when held at a regular course, the time and cost to participate are hard for some people to manage. Finally, only 20% of the population is able to participate, because only ‘golfers’ can play to support a cause.

A Par 3 Outing is the ideal way to bring golf together with charity. This works for 3 reasons:

Everyone can play! (Our event has been sold out almost every year– with 200 golfers!)
It doesn’t take all day (The Par 3 can be played in a couple hours)
It’s affordable (We charge between $40 and $60 for our outings)

So, the next time you are considering a fund raiser, think about a Par 3 Golf Outing!

Soon, I will post more information on how to kick start your event…stay tuned!

Rick Jones
Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range

Midway Par 3 Announces Updates & New Site!
February 14, 2011, 4:33 PM
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Rehoboth Beach, DE. February 15, 2011 — Midway Par 3 & Driving Range
announces the launch of its new website !
This month, Midway Par 3 & Driving Range has launched the new website, The crew at Midway Par 3 is excited to better serve
their customers by making this site available.  Now more than ever,
customers are able to stay in touch with the specials and activities at
Midway Par 3.  In addition to the new website, other changes have been
made to better serve the customers. For your convenience, Major Credit
Cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) are now being accepted at Midway
Par 3 & Driving Range.
Owned and operated by a long time local family, Midway Par 3 Golf
Course has served year round residents and vacationers, alike, for 30
years. Located just north of Midway, Delaware, this 18-Hole Par 3
course and driving range offers you “Fun for the Entire Family!” Midway
Par 3 is a year round Par 3 course with regulation size greens. Minutes
away from all the major resort stops including: Downtown Rehoboth
Beach, Lewes, Dewey Beach, the Rehoboth Outlets, this is the perfect
place for golfers of all levels. Everyone loves golf at Midway Par 3!
The Jones’ family is excited about the future of Midway Par 3 & Driving
Range. We believe we offer our customers a great, budget friendly golf
experience. Our recent updates and changes will carry Midway Par 3 well
into the future, for the next generation of golfers.  If you have any
questions concerning Midway Par 3 & Driving Range, please email Barbara
at and she will get back to you. Or, stop by today.
Midway Par 3 is located at 34578 Pinnacle Rd. Lewes, Delaware 19958.

Please stop by if you can. I appreciate you taking the time.

Enjoy the day~ the sun is shining and the air is fresh!

Rick Jones

Cape May Par 3 & Driving Range

Dover Par 3 & Driving Range